Year of the Pig, i.e. "This is MY YEAR," she garbled, as she shoved 3 Lindt chocolates into her face in quick succession.

Welcome to 2019: a marginally more accessible year for novelty glasses of the millennium than 2017, but still not nearly as symmetrically satisfying as 2002! We peaked early, unfortunately.

I spent the first week of the year totally burnt out and exhausted from the holidays (I don’t know how many times I did that weird office chuckle after somebody—sometimes myself—made the joke “need a holiday from your holidays” oh ho ho ho), but I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things. I’ve been watching Flight of the Conchords and Conan O’Brien, and reading gothic horror novels. I’ve been creating plans for world domination and baking sourdough bread from scratch.

I’ve also been swishing some ideas and goals around in my head like a fine wine, and I’m so excited about all the amazing projects I have coming up this year. Today is a “my computer is backing up and updating” kind of day which means I can’t do a whole lot of drawing. So, as a wise woman once said, “let’s write down our goals and share them with hundreds of people so we’ll feel really accountable and hopefully we will achieve them instead of succumbing to crippling anxiety.” (That wise woman is me)


calendar al.jpg
  1. Set up a home office in the spare bedroom. Right now I am doing a lot of work at my dining room table, surrounded by dirty dishes, and I really want to create a space with pictures on the walls and shelves for supplies. A space where I can work at a proper desk, surrounded by more professional dirty dishes.

  2. Illustrate a children’s book. I actually have a collaboration in the works. Going to start plugging away at that very soon and I am VERY excited.

  3. Write more, particularly comedy. I graduated uni with a Filmmaking degree and my original goal was to be a comedy writer/actor for TV—I almost landed a dream job but then I blew it (turns out constant crippling panic attacks do not an ideal candidate make), and it’s taken me a while to get my mojo back. Bonus life goal is to write min. one book, and one has to be an autobiography.

  4. Draw more comics! Related to #3. I have a WHOLE LOT of radio stories I’d love to convert into something real, but I have literally zero stamina. I did one the other day about washing my stanky pits in the bathroom at work. We all start somewhere.

  5. Get better at RADIO! It’ll be 4 years of part-time radio work for me in the Spring, and I’ve come a long way since then, having gone from social media at events to social media at events AND talking about scary beet poops when the regular announcers are on vacation. I’m gonna be doing more stuff behind the mic this year to develop my skills which is really just the coolest opportunity ever.

  6. Perform on stage again. Okay I’m REAL excited about this one. A friend of mine posted auditions for Chicago and it hurt reeeeeal bad to pass it up but I just won’t have time, because I already have a role in an upcoming production of A Grand Night for Singing at the MTC Warehouse in June. I am VERY excited; it’s been years since I’ve gotten to do musical theatre. The best part is that my very talented mom and brother are going to be in the show as well!!!

  7. Grow my business and expand into new cool stuff. I’m already looking into apparel and stationery—I am a hurricane of a woman and cannot be confined!

  8. Be more organized. In just about every aspect. This isn’t exactly quantifiable but I struggle to keep up with just about anything that takes organizational skills. I LIKE it, but it does not come naturally to me the way that chaos… does.

    • Set up a desk

    • Purge unneeded stuff from my life

    • Have a vision board

    • Read/watch some Marie Kondo. Destroy anything that does not spark joy. Incinerate my disorganized tax binders and all the throw pillows that have given me hives for two years now and that we haven’t replaced for some reason (why do we still use them regularly???).

    • Have one of those big calendars on the wall that you see in corporate board rooms with phrases like SYNERGY and DEEP DIVE and THOUGHT LEADERSHIP scrawled across it in green dry-erase marker. The red marker is reserved for circling big numbers.

    • Stop throwing my clothes on the floor like a goddamn animal (at least I’m an animal that wears clothes… I’m already streets ahead in terms of being civilized compared to the average animal!)

  9. Lose some weight so I can fit my clothes again. Speaks for itself. I have more chins than I would like. Luckily I already have a decent handle on my food intake (I’m down to 3 chocolate truffles a day instead of 10—“progress!”) so I just need to move sometimes instead of sitting hunched and cross-legged at the messy dining room table until my feet are numb every day.

  10. Consume more art. This one is easy to put off, but I need to read more books, watch more movies, and listen to more new music this year. It’s so hard not to get sucked into feeling like I should be working instead of “slacking” even though your inputs as an artist are VERY important! I’ve already read one novel this week… aiming for at least 1 per month.

  11. Try at least one BIG new thing every season, and something small a couple of times a month. I’m taking a pottery class this winter—I’m VERY excited! First class is tonight! I would also really like to take a figure drawing class at some point, or at the very least do something to improve my dismal technical art skills like anatomy and colour theory and junk like that. Pff. Who needs it.

  12. Be kinder. Kind people are liked. I must be liked.

That’s all folks. Gotta print this off and pin it to my large board room calendar and write HIT THE GROUND RUNNING with a half-empty blue dry erase marker.